Enjoy the timeless appeal of stone that’s un-real!

12 Jul 2022

Get the Effekt #3: Enjoy the timeless appeal of stone that’s un-real!

Image courtesy of www.thesurfaceshop.com

The shortage of timber is not the only reason why we’re seeing a new surge of love for brick and stone – and faux is now the go!


  • The majority of the faux stone products on the market are actually stone – a composite of cement, natural aggregates and oxide pigments for colouration  
  • The biggest advantage of faux stone and brick veneers is their cost – often a third to half the price
  • The faux options are also much lighter, which makes them easier and quicker, therefore cheaper, to install
  • Manufactured stone also has around a 2% waste factor compared to 10-15% for natural stone
  • It’s safe to say the old the connotations of ‘faux stone’ being a cheap fake alternative no longer apply
  • What’s more, as public interest and demand rises, more and more products are entering the market and prices are coming down

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