We’ve got the knowledge, experience and expertise.

Firstly, we never forget that buying a home is likely to be the largest purchase anyone makes.

And more than the monetary value of a home, there is the sentimental value.

A home is where lives are played out. It’s where some families grow, and others downsize.
It’s where futures are found, and memories are made.

The thing is, sitting between a dream and the key to a new home, are a number of steps and components.
Our role is to connect all the parts and make those steps easy.

Project sales

Over the past 20 years, we’ve just about seen it all when it comes to residential and mixed-use developments in Australia.

Thanks to this significant experience and successful outcomes of the projects our team has been involved in, Connekt is able to offer broad and expert support on any aspect of your development – everything from:

  • Land division to feasibilities
  • Database building to display builders
  • Research to sales strategies
  • Conveyancing to purchasing
  • Financing to design
  • Inspections to encumbrances

Our unique skill set and expertise lets us deal with the myriad issues, while taking advantage of the opportunities that can come along with urban development.


Our experience is broad and entails everything from initial high-level advice and project feasibility through to full detailed and costed business cases.

We understand how to maximise yield in land subdivisions, optimise built-form outcomes and tailor-make solutions to meet market and geographic conditions.

We are an entirely objective advisory and have a wide-ranging portfolio of clients including independent, corporate and Government development projects. 

Our skills are highly specialised and arguably unrivalled in the South Australian marketplace. 

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