Low maintenance, high appeal

11 Jul 2022

Get the Effekt #1: Low maintenance, high appeal – wood alternative weatherboard

Image courtesy of www.claridgeconstruction.com.au

As any builder today will tell you, the global pandemic has seriously affected timber shipments and availability.

This, along with a general shift away from a reliance on natural materials, has shifted focus onto alternative building materials – that are often lighter, stronger, sleeker and more sustainable.

So, we’ve decided to bring you a series of blogs around machine-made products that are making waves.

Vinyl weatherboard and fencing

  • The longevity of weatherboard has always depended on rigorous maintenance – but no longer
  • There are a number of options on the market, such as fibre-cement weatherboard, that offer the look many of us adore
  • Being quick and easy to install, the prefab weather boards have relatively low installation costs
  • The best part is, once they’re up, they stay up – without peeling, rotting, shrinking, warping or swelling between seasons
  • All of which means a part of the equity in your home will stay looking good for longer – and maintain visual appeal if the time comes to sell

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